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The ND Open Part 2: The Army list

This is the second instalment in my tournament adventure at the ND Open. Part 2 will go into the list I’ve played with and the reasons that made me choose this list.  

You can find part 1 here.

My army list ( and some sort of editorial )
Here’s the list I used:

Coteaz   100
Grand Master – 3 Servo Skulls, Rad grenades, Psychotroke grenades   220

10 Strikes – 2 Psycannons   220
Rhino   40
10 Strikes – 2 Psycannons   220
Rhino   40
10 Strikes – 2 Psycannons   220
Rhino   40
10 Henchmen – 6 Death Cults – Power Axe, Power Maul, 2 Crusaders, 1 Banisher, 1 mystic   145
3 Henchmen – Acolytes   12
3 Henchmen – Acolytes   12

Land Raider Crusader – Psybolt Ammunition, Searchlight    261
Dreadknight – Heavy Incinerator   160
Dreadknight – Heavy Incinerator   160

First order of business, this is a list by Nick Nanavati. You can find his thoughts and the general strategy of the list here:
One thing I liked right of the bat is that when I posted this list on a local forum, 2 months prior to the event, and gave no clue on how to play it, no one figured it out, and comments were flying left and right on how rhinos were giving 1stblood all the time and a bunch of what to change to make this list better. The fact that I spend much of my tournament time and prep on getting shit faced and that Nick is known for beign quite the drinker too only helped. The only time I met Nick, in fact, he was barely able to stand at Da Boyz. It’s also the time I met Shaun Kemp, who asked me to help him carry Nick to a chair. Great times were had by all.
This next part is quite debatable but reflects my opinion on general list building.
I hate building lists. I’m simply not that great at it, and it’s not a part of the hobby I enjoy. One other thing is that I don’t play that much. I don’t get lots of playtest time in, and don’t keep armies long enough to truly master them.
With this in mind, I also plan on not losing every game. If my list has to carry me through my 3 wins in 6 games because my opponent’s list is weaker, so be it. Getting in the later rounds facing well crafted armies piloted better, I’ll take my loss like a man: drinking and cursing. This being said, the goal of a tournament is winning game, and I fully expect people to bring their A-game. Facing spam and cheese is fine with me, facing a themed Gretchin-only Ork army is fine too.
Rest assured, part 3,4 and 5 will be much more straightforward and a bettre read on the toilet.

You can read part 3 here

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