The ND Open, Part 3

The ND Open, Part 3
Day 1 Recap
This is the third instalment in my tournament adventure at the ND Open. Part 3 will delve into the 1stday at the tournament and includes a short battle report of the 3 games that day. This is by far the greatest day I’ve ever had in wargaming. Read on for glory!
Let me say that arriving at the event a 7:30, my plan was going great. My Cranberry Sportsmanship DrinkTMwas quite effective combined with my 2 hours of sleep. The ND Open has a really cool challenge policy, where any challenge issued prior to the event and accepted is to be played round 1. I was challenged by Frank Rochefort, local thrashtalker and great sportsman. Risking my name and honor being tarnished forever, I did what every bro should do in such circumstances: flexed my biceps and accepted.
Frank played a Themed Khorne CSM army, with Kharn, a Land Raider, 3-4 squads of berserkers, a Maulerfiend, Oblits and a Conptemptor Dread. The scenario was really not in his favor as there were 6 objectives on the map, and all gave points at the end of the game, Scoring only one more than your opponent would not cut it. The game was quite a bloodbath for both sides, however the fact that I had 9 troops to Frank’s 3 really showed on the score.highlights include my deathstar failing a 4” charge on turn 2, Kharn dying on overwatch from a justicar’s overwatch and the contemptor refusing to fail a single invul save.
I scored 27,5 to his 2,5, unable to get all objectives.
Here’s the best part – and it’s worth pointing out that neither of us was aware of this – there is a special award for the player that scores the less points on his challenge. You get to be named princess for the tournament, receive a crown. YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY, I MADE FRANK WEAR A PRINCESS’ CROWN. I can smell the «  pic or it didn’t happen reply » to which I can only reply scroll down at your own risk. Needless to say, this is my goal for next year.

Game 2 was against Feral-Ork player Denis Coté, last year’s best sportsman. I knew from playing Denis on a weekly basis that the game was gonna be fun and even I felt I had a good match versus the Nobz Bikers and Ork gunline, the legendary luck of Denis is something you always need to fear. will be perfectly honest, I don’t remember the scenario, the orks were tabled by turn 4. Denis charged a Nemesis Dreadknight with his nobz, but only rolled 3 with his harge distance. 3 was enough to get into contact, but it also meant that once the Dreadknight butchered 2 Nobz, none could strike back. In his habbit of only rolling 6s, Denis failed his leadership check and was swept in my advance. Although the game did not end there, it was pretty much over and we bought beer and drank for the other hour.
I knew game 3 would be trouble because I was the top of the standing at that point. I figured I would be playing versus either the Seer Council guy ( Bruno, won Best Overall ) or the 4-Riptide Guy ( Francois, won Best General ). Can you name a time when you were wishing you faced a Seer Council rather than something else? As luck ( or unleck ) would have it, I was faced with one of my best gaming buddy, Arnaud, better known for being a gigantic French man that makes fart noises when moving his tanks. Arnaud played a Superfriends biker list, I felt the matchup was okay. That is before everything started going wrong for me. When I say wrong, I mean the mutated child of a shitstorm and clusterfuck. It was a Shitfuck Clusterstorm of wrong. Let’s begin by getting the initiative stolen, with Coteaz in my list. On turn 2, I failed 4 of my +1 Reserve Rolls that I could re-roll. 4 out of 6 2+ re-rollable reserves. Coteaz proceeded to lose 2 HP on 6-6 psychic power rolls on the same turn. And then my deathstar failed a 4” charge on the superfriend unit. I’m pretty sure I did not play my turn 3. However, Arnaud was laughing so hard that we had quite a crowd and out of pity, someone bought me a pitcher of beer.
With a 2-1 score, I was quite happy with my day. I went on celebratory drinks.

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