The ND Open, Part 4

Day 2 Recap

This is the forth instalment in my tournament adventure at the ND Open. Part 4 will delve into the 2ndday at the tournament and includes a short battle report of the 3 games that day. Read on for glory!
Because of the previous night’s celebratory drink, I did not get much more than 2 hours of sleep. But, with the trusty aid of my Cranberry Sportsmanship DrinkTM, I was back in action in no time. My 1st opponent of the day was Fred. He played Space Wolves in a very 5thedition style army, buch of razorback, 3 units of longfangs, 2 Rune Priests and Arjac in a drop pod. To quote a famous musician, I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! on these wolves. Actually, Fred rolled pretty much like I did in my game 3. As I’ve told him after the game, I’m pretty sure that the entire 2nd game turn, there wouldve been absolutly no difference wether he used dice or not. It was that horrible. Tactically speaking, He set up his Aegis in a corner, long fangs and rune priests behind. I set up in the opposite corner and negated this 600ish chunk of point for the entire game. Scoring Arjac was really a thorn in my side, it took me a lot of manpower to kill that dude. Fred was a really nice guy the whole game, despite rolling horribly. Should he read this, I will accept his challenge for next year as his wolves need to reclaim their honor.
Game 5 was against a Necron list with a bunch of units that I was unfamiliar with. To be honest, I’m familiar with Night Scythes, Annihilation Barges and MindShackle Scarabs and thats about it. There was a cryptek unit, a Command Barge, Ghost Arks and wraiths. It was a game where I was quite unlucky ( payback for last game some would say ) with my assassins missing 2 charges within 6” in back to back turns. That or 24 Psycanon shots in the rear of a Barge that could not get more that 1 HP off. Looking back at the game, I feel it’s the one I made the most misplays in the tournament. As a player I think copping with badluck is something I should work on, as I tend to lose focus in those instances. By turn 5 I got my shit together and made decent scoring moves, but as luck would have it, there was no turn 6 for me to redeem myself. The game was pretty close overall and ended 18-12 for my opponent.  Challenging games like this are always tons of fun, event when things don’t go your way.
Game 6 was quite a weird game. My opponent was playing a Daemon/Chaos Marines list with no shooting. The scenario was all Victory Points. It was a weird game because there was absolutely nothing the daemon army could do to stop my deathstar crushing everything. I tried to delay everything in my reserves to arrive on turn 4, then with everything on the board, I charged my deathstar into his army. I won by 1200 vp or more, and none of my strike squad disembarked from a tank or shot at all in the game. All the bloodshed is the Land Raider, 2 Dreadknights and the deathstar’s work. I lost a dreadknight to a Great Unclean one because I forgot about the Balesword and the Land Raider. His army was down to Big Nug, 2 half squads of plague bearers and a squad of cultists. It’s also the first time ever I get to use my banisher. Yay me!

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