The ND Open, Part 5

Results, Prizes and Glory
This is the fifth and last installment in my tournament adventure at the ND Open. After reading about my not-so-careful planning and my glory on the battlefield, this last article is about my results and some closing thoughts on the tournament itself. Read on for glory!
Going 4-2 game wise and having spent only 3 days on assembling and painting my army, I must say I was not looking at anything prize-wise from the tournament. I didn’t. I was quite happy about to scores however, which are as follow ( from memory ):
Battle Points 5th, Painting 2nd, Sportsmanship 3rd, Overall: 4th. Not counted in the scores: 1 (and only) Princess Maker, Perma-Drunk-Player/Heaviest Drinker ( MDP so to speak ).
There was also a painting contest. I was not expecting much from that either, as the talent showing up was incredible. Thierry Husser, a good friend of mine and painter extraordinaire, won the Best of Show with an amazing Ork from Rackham that made me cry for only half an hour at my louzy painting skills. I did get away with a 1st place win in the Open Category with a commissar bust. I also scored 2nd place in tanks, behind scumbag-Husser, and 3rd in Monster/Large with a Typhus I brought with me for lack of something else in that category. I also won a theme prize, le prix de la citadelle, which was given to a model that depicted some of the rich history of the Canadian army, the tournament being held on a military base, and it’s organisers being in the army themselves, it’s only fitting.
Some thoughts on the tournament:

– The 3 games on each day rather than 4/2 was really buttkicking.  With the prizes and helping to pack up the tables, sunday really ended on the late.  That’s just me.

– Man, I did better than expected.  Fuck yeah.
– Great tables.  Dom, the TO, made some really nice Nova-styled terrain.  Everything on those tables was clean and easy to play with rules wise.  I know terrain at tournament is another big issue, so I won’t start on that.
– There was a lot of great players.  The previous edition of the 40K side seemed to be more hobby oriented, or players wanting to forge a narrative.  This year a lot of players were coming to forge FACES.  I really like the display of net-cheese-spam-ubermunch-op-lists-of-doom.  2 Jetlock lists, 2 Riptide bombs, 3 Superfriends Bike lists, roughly.  Don’t get me wrong, I forge narratives like nobody’s business, but I really enjoy these kind of lists/games.

TL;DR: I RULE AT TOURNAMENTS. Now how do I get ready for Adepeticon…
Thank you for reading all this.  If you were attending the ND Open, wether I crushed your face off or not, mad props to you, supporting the local scene is what makes this game awesome.

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