Adepticon, Eh! Part 3

As you may or may not know, I attended Adepticon 2014, one of the biggest if not the biggest 40K event, on the first week of April.  This glorious tale of drinking and wargaming will be spread in 4 parts, here’s part 3: The Team Tournament.

Disclaimer:  I took no pictures and no notes, this recap is all from memory, and as you can guess, I was pretty smashed and sleep deprived.  Sorry if details and names are sketchy.
Let me begin by saying that if you attend adepticon, you want, nay,  you need to find 3 firends and play in the team tournament.  It is the crown jewel of adepticon, and a true display of amazing hobby dedication.  Teams go to incredible lenghts to create amazing narratives, display boards, and conversions for 4000 point armies.  Our friends from Quebec always put on quite a show with their army and this year was no different as they walked away with best theme and apperance.
On a completely unrelated note, it is the perfect event to get hammered while playing.  My kind of game.
Our first game was against a Space Marine/Dark Angels army.  I was pretty much the tactical player on my table ( Yeah, right ), so I can’t comment on what happened on the other game, but they scored 30 points out of 30.  On our side, my unit of 2 heralds and 20 Plaguebearers singlehandedly went through 5 Deathwing Terminators, 5 Deathwing Knights, Belial, a Drop Pod and a Land Raider.  We lost 1st blood and that was it.  59 out of 60.  We were bound to face heavy hitters in the next round.
If you ever heard the term french canadian bashing, this should be our 2nd round opponent’s team name.  They crushed our buddy’s team and they would do the same to us.  Our friends didn’t enjoy their game against them, but I had quite a good time.  They knew from the start we had a really bad matchup and were very cool about it.  All Tau versus Nurgle quite straightforward.  Before me and Keiv started 1stturn, on the table besides us they had lost all the IG army.  Before our 3rd turn, Keiv looked at me, said:  Bro, I’m done, you’re on your own.  So I played till turn 7 by myself while Keiv, Denis, Guillaume and their other team spectated the slaughter.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty good at playing with myself ( Oh yeah… ) but there was not much salvaging this game.  I did keep Linebreaker with a lonely plaguebearer and prevented them from claiming Slay the Warlord.  1 out of 60.  Balance was restored in the universe.  Also, they both bought me a beer, so did my team.  FREE BOOZE!
Game 3 was against an Eldar/Tau team.  Once again, I was the tactical player in my side of the game, so I can’t comment on what happenned on the other side, but Keiv scored a whoping 20+ points.  On our side, my incredible luck was not helping our cause, our warlord died in the 2nd turn due to the warpstrom table.  Yay me.  On turn 5, it was clear we were losing Kill Points, like 10 to 3, so I grabbed on my balls, yelled some sort of battle cry and pushed for objectives.  The ballsy tactic worked, the game ended and we salvaged 12 points out of 30 in what could have been much worse.
Game 4 was against my new nemesis Keefe of team Beef and Wing.  I met Keefe at Da Boyz 2013 where his team crushed ours.  Their entire Adepticon team was quite fun. I had to call it and say wherever Keefe was playing, I was playing that side.  Their team was playing a Pre Heresy Emperor Children army, using White Scars, Crimson Fists, a Fortress of Redemption and something else.  While Denis and Guillaume scrapped 10 points on their side, me and Keiv were destroying everything.  There was no stopping the Daemons this game.  By the way, team Beef and Wing offered me a Breakfast Beer.  Not beer that you drink before noon in shame, an actual breakfast beer; made for breakfast beer.  How awesome can you be?  This was the highlight of my day/tournament, yet it didn’t stop us from scoring 30 points.  As they say, revenge is a dish best served with breakfast beer.
Game 5, the last one of the day.  While game 4 was my revenge match, this one was Keiv’s.  Keiv’s minor loss ( and only loss ) at the championship was to a player from this team.  Needless to say, a rematch was in order.  The scenario was quite weird, and since we were once again facing Tau/Eldar, a tough matchup for the Nurgles, our plan revolved around some sort of a draw.  The planTM worked!  Playing 2nd, we were able to score 20 points with objectives on our side, and score Linebreaker, all these 21 points with a total of 6 Plagubearers left on the board.  Those 21 points are however a loss, as their team score 28.  I can’t comment on the other side’s game, nor do I remember their score.  Tim
We placed 24thOverall which is a nice improvement from our 2012 showing of 59.  Win or lose, I had an awesome 5 games, the more relaxed feel of the team tournament is quite nice.  The quantity of players is also amazing, as is the quality of the armies you come across.  This is truly a must event, one we will repeat for sure next year!

Part 4 will delve into the downtime funtime ofAdepticon

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