What’s to come

Well, despite my non-existant posting, I’ve been busy.  So here I come today to spill the beans like the typical James Bond villain about what’s to come and what I’ve been working on.

I’ve got a bunch of “Tutorials” and “Step-by-step guides”l ined-up, as well as material and miniatures for a bunch of new ones, including beginner and basic painting tips and techniques.  If there is any subject you want to see me tackle, please leave a comment or PM me somewhere and let me know.
Also, these guides will be posted to the Spikey Bitz blog rather than here, although tyou will be able to find a link here to my writing.
As such, I will post more WIPs and pictures of commissions I’m working on here, and long wall of texts when I attend tournaments.  This opportunity also means I will be able to spend some time and money on new filming gear, and maybe upgrade my youtube page and post nice and clean videos. 
Also, and I can’t tell exactly what or how this will change, but expect some sort of name change or rebranding of everything here.  I’m slowly growing out of the Hellfire painting thing.  It made sense at the time when I only painted for members of the gang but as I move on with painting, I feel that Hellfire should remain the gaming club it is and the writing/painting should become more me.

Can I also mention that this emotion sharing thing in the last paragraph is the gayest thing ever and you can give me crap about it, this is not an emo schoolgirl’s blog afterall, you are doing the lords work by putting me back in my place.

Stay tuned for all this and probably more updates if everything goes well with The Plan.

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