Autobots Rollout!

Phew!  This is a long one.  As you might’ve seen, I’ve been busy writing on other blogs, I almost forgot to mumble on here.  I’M BACK BABYDOLL!
Is it the return of the parking lot in 40K? DO I LOVE IT? Not only are tanks my favorite to paint, it’s a playstyle I really enjoy. 
Now, I’m not the thoughest of players, but with the current ruleset for scoring and un-denying, MAAAAAAAAN, do I want to run a bunch of Razorbacks. Here’s a couple of lists I’m eager to try with or against.   Read on for content!

None of these lists have an actual point cost, but it should be pretty close to what you can fit in 1850.

Parking of Blood! – Blood Angels

Librarian, 5x Razorbacks with assault marines, 2 Stormravens with scouts ( combat squad glory )
This list is pretty much the standardest of the standard parking lot. Straightforward units with low options for the spammiest of spamz. You can also fit sternguards and a razorback for more firepower, or add librarian dreads for more impact in the psychic phase.

It’s Lupus! – Space Wolves

4x Runepriests, 6xGrey Hunters in Razorbacks, 3 wolfguards, combi-whatever, Scouts that come from the rear.
Space wolves offer a good balance for quality over quantity. Better troops inside the tanks, cheap impact in the psychic phase ( 4 Rune Priests in a standard army ) and a couple of options and nice additions because that list is close to 1600, like Thunderwolf deathstar, or drop pod-ing a couple of hard hitters ( Lord+arjac+something )

Hogwart’s Special – Grey Knights

Wait, he’s the bad one?

Grand Master, Coteaz, Assassin Death Star and Land raider, 3x 10strikesquad in rhinos, 2x Psykers and Razorbacks.  Probably enough points left for a Nemesis Dreadknight.

This army offers the essence of the parking lot, 6 shooty-ish tanks, but also offers quite a punch in the Psychic Phase, 20 dice give or take, to propel the Death Star in close combat domination mode

Porta-Park(ing lot) – White Scars

Alternative paint scheme pictured
Shield Eternal Captain, Command Squad in Drop Pod, 6x 10 marines in drop pods, 2 Thunderfire Canons.
There’s an actual version of this list on Torrent of Fire, you’re gonna have to google it.  Not your standard parking lot, but Drop pods dropping on objectives offer a scoring unit that can’t be denied by non-troop units. I chose White Scars rather than another chapter, simply because hit and run gives a lot of mobility to the otherwise stationary marines once they’ve dropped.

Hover Lot and Huge Ballerinas – Eldar

So the shield is shooting at me, right…
Spiritseer, 4x Wave Serpent and 5 Dire Avengers, 2 Wraithknight, 6 Swooping Hawks, 5 Fire Dragons and Wave Serpent.  
This is the list that’s pictured on top, it’s 1850, an currently 1-0 in my extensive playtest ( wink wink )
Cheap troops, one if not the best tank of the game, Nasty Monster Creature. Now that Puppet Master is out of the game, you don’t risk the chance of one wraithknight killing your other WK. I put the spiritseer in because I think he’s the cheapest HQ eldars have, maybe the Farseer is a better pick, with one more spell and the perils-denying hat. The wave Serpent with Fire Dragons is a niche pick depending on the meta you’re facing, but the ability to Move 6, disembark 6 then run before shooting the 5 meltaguns is a large threat bubble.
This is it for 40K – parking lot edition, this is by no means a complete list of the fun and competitive lists you can do while spamming tanks of all shapes and sizes, but if you think I’ve missed a hard hitter, please say so in the comments!

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