Progress and Actualy Painting

I realize that I often post long wall of text that are an interesting read while you take a time of in your day to go to the bathroom, but every so often I try to post miniatures I paint.  This is, after all, a hobby blog, so posting relevant content here and there can’t hurt.

I don’t think I posted any Warhammer Fantasy stuff here before, only 40K, as it’s the only game I play.  However, beside my own projects, Warhammer Fantasy armies are roughly 75% of the commission work I do.  So I’ll start posting some Fantasy here, too.

If this really bums you out, please tell me, as the only reason I want to do this is to show you guys ( all 3 of you precious readers )  some cool content more often.

Here’s a couple of Dwarves I did recently.  I’m also working on a 2500 points army of the bearded folks in a different scheme that I’ll show you eventually.

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