Nova Open Primer

Another tale of bat fights in a far away land incoming, as I leave tomorrow morning for Nova Open with Francois and Denis, fellow hosers.

I’m really thrilled as this will be my first time at this venue, and I hope I manage to keep some dignity in what is one of the most competitive format of gaming.  I’m pretty happy with my list and had more playtest than any army I brought to a tournament before.

I’ll also try out at the painting competition that I’ve forgotten the name of.  I’ll be straight with you, I don’t have much hope, as I’ve mentioned before, painting display miniatures is not my bag of tea, but I have a piece I’m very fond of.  Look for the realest Ogryn in the game, the ghetto-est mini in the competition for sho’.  Man I wish there was a prize for that.

Goals and stuff:

I usually set out for some goals so here they are:

Score wise, with the bracket system at Nova, I don’t really know what to expect.  Should I go 4-0 and be in the 1st bracket, I will scream/shout/drink ore than usual, and proceed to loose the 4 other games with grace and no shame.  I’d like to get 6-2 in the weekend, I’m fairly confident that my army list and aggressively average skill level can carry me that far.

I’d also like to get top 5 in painting, as I’ve invested quite some time in my army and am quite pleased with how they turned out.  It’s the first army in the last 2 years I’ve built in painted without the intent of selling it right away, and I must admit that I’d forgotten the fun behind it.  A long heartfelt article will follow on that subject, get ready to be moved.  No homo.

Also, a few peeps I’d like to have a drink with.  Who are you trying to fool, I hear you wonder?  Everyone knows Johnny Canuck over here never stops at A drink.  Drinks will be had, and with whoever happens to be in the proximity of my drinking.

As is a traditions with the tournament primer, I leave you with the battle cry for the weekend:

If you are reading this and attending the event, come say hi and share a brewski or two.  If we meet at the tournament, kindly know that I’ll drink you under the table and crush your every dreams of winning.


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