This Week’s To-Do List

This list of ongoing projects is becoming a weekly thing to keep me on track.  GET BACK TO WORK YOU SPACE MONKEY!

Alright, so I’ll post updates this week on what I’ve been working on, so clever readers might track last week’s list and compare to see what I’ve done.  Or you know, just wait for it, you stalker.
– Baal Predator, to magnetize and paint in a pimpin’ fashion,
– Bunch of Raven Guard
– Awesomize a power sword
– 10 Silver Helms ( That I had to dig deep to find through the various projects shelf. )  Already primed them, because I’m a beast and I want to get them done this week for sure.
Still more cheese and spam from the Nurgle Warriors of Chaos.
Side projects that might just take off:
– The super-secret Da Boyz team army project.
– Converted Shadowsun that I airbrushed and want to paint ever since.
Also, should I find something magical to fit in my Daemons to make them playable in the Da Boyz heavy comp restricted event, I might go berzerks and paint that to get it over with.  Instead of my usual shindigs of picking a list, building it and painting it 2 weeks before the event. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you know, having free time is nice once in a while.  Who am I trying to fool, I have no clue what free time is.

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