Chaos Ludik Part 1

Oh yes, it’s that time again!  Not hammertime, you ‘tards, time where I attend a tournament and spill my plans like a typical- and incredibly good looking – Bond vilain.  The event is only in 2 weeks, but since I knocked out a big comission that I’ll cram in a single post, I need to write something to fill my daily blogging thing ( Monday to thursday for 3 weeks and going strong! )  Alright alright alright, back to the main thing…


Chaos Ludik is a 2 day event held in Montreal ( 2.5 hour drive from here ) that is run in part by the same guys that make the ND Open happen.  the 40K part is a double’s tournament on Saturday and a single on Sunday.  Because of logistics ( freakin’ logistics, man ) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend the single, but I’ve reunited with my pal Mr Light/Arnaud to form the greatest team ever:

Team Big Softies  
(  Team Grosses Douceurs, for y’all frenchies out there )

Knowing your softies segment:  A couple years back, the Hellfire crew went to a team tournament held in Sherbrooke.  I ( naively ) let our friends be Team Hellfire, so we had to come up with another name.  The composition rule for the armies were pretty loose and enabled a lot of power combos, so we were running 8  Monsters, ranging from the Blood Thirster to Hive Tyrants to Daemon Princes and Tervigons.  The fact that we average 6’3″ and have a total team weight of roughly 500lbs has nothing to do with that name, I swear.  The Big Softies were born, and we promptly destroyed the tournament, winning every single category – Overall, Generalship, Sportsmanship and Painting.

The softies are back segment:  So we are back, an edition later, and intend to crush all who stands before us at this event that neither of us attended in the past ( mostly due to the fact that I believe it’s the first year they have a 40K tournament )

Sportsmanship wise, I expect to have a great time, as these team events are always fun, and since Arnaud is the designated tactical player,  I’ll be the designated drinker.

Painting wise, I think top 3 is in reach.  I like the overall scheme of the army, and we have a unified painting, as both armies match and have the same bases, which is always a nice touch.

Generalship/Overall:  I think 3-0 and 2-1 is well within reach, as the list is quite good with very few bad matchups ( I don’t think it’s possible to field Knights  in this format )

This is the tournament primer for Chaos Ludik, I hope I see you there and we share a brewski or two, avid reader.  If you are part of a 40K team at that event, surrender now. We’re big; we’re soft; we will destroy you, your army, and everything you hold dearest.

In the immortal words of Daft Punk: SOFTERSTRONGERBIGGERBETTER.

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