The Army of the Month : March

As the dust finally settles on the frenzy that was prepping for adepticon, actual adepticon and getting my life back on track after adepticon, WHAM! Here’s the long overdue Army of the Month Project for March!

The video covers most of the models, but you can scroll down below for an updates lists after some more playtesting.

Old List ( ewww )
Korsarro Khan
Tact Razorback, Heavy Bolter
Tact Razorback, Twin-linked Las
Tact Razorback, Twin linked Heavy Flamers
Dreadnought in a pod
Assault squad in a pod, 2 flamers
Devastators in Rhino, 2 Grav Canons
Chaplain, Hunter’s Eye
Command Squad, Pod, 4 Meltaguns
Tact Pod, Melta, Combi-melta
Tact Pod, Melta, Combi-melta
Tact Pod, Plasma, Combi-Plasma
Ironclad Dreadnought in a pod
Assault squad in a pod, 2 flamers
Devastators in Rhino, 2 Grav Canons
Suppression Whatever
2 Whirlwind
Land Speeder with Heavy Bolter
Culexus Assassin
First off, what works :
The pods and tank mix is really nice.
It makes the list a lot more flexible than the all pod itteration I played at 1500 pts.
The Hunter-eye-totting-Chaplain.
That guy, Charles the Chaplain, is a really nice flexible pick, Either drop podding or chilling with the devastators
Supression Force
The whirlwind themselves are agressively average, but the Land Speeder is just a general nuisance. MVP so far.

What doesn’t really work :
The Culexus 
This guy is a big hit or miss. I feel he’s a total waste in non-psyker matchups, and you really need a pod or the Stormraven to make this guy work. Really not for me.
The Dreadnoughts
These guys were doing nice in my first few games, but they are incredibly bad versus Eldar, which is a big concern if you plan on playing in tournaments. The fact is that they do well versus armies your gladius will already do well against. They were quite easy to cut to make space for better Eldar-dealing tools.
New stuff :
With the Culexus and Dreadnought back to the shelf, time toadd in some eldar busting tools.
The biggest unit you have to deal with right now is Warp Spiders. Bikes are nasty, but your have stuff able to deal with them. Warp Spiders on the other hand you need dedicated stuff to deal with as they can bounce away from a lot of shots.
Enter the Wyverns. A unit of 2 of these guys can deal a lot of punishment to Warp Spiders, even attack multiple units with good scatter rolls. They are also great at dealing with Deathstars as you can get some 12+ Wounds on annoying characters and potentially snipe them out of existence.
These guys come with 20some imperial guards that are nice to either bubble wrap some tanks in your deployment zone or keep your home objectives while you drop pod and scout away your transports. Spend some points for Heavy Weapons and you also get to threaten a Void-Shield Generator.
You also get a Lord Comissar that can give orders, make your units stuborn and tank some close combats hit if you’re lucky and daring. Bunching up the platoon also makes a nice hangout for Korsarro Khan when he’s not needed elswhere – namely, tanking interceptor shots for the command squad.
Here’s the new list, and 90% what I’ll play at the ND Open in May :
Korsarro Khan
Command Squad, Pod, 4 Melta
Tactical Squad, Razorback Lascanon, Twin Linked Plasma
Tactical Squad, Razorback Heavy Bolters
Tactical Squads, Razorback, twin linked Heavy Flamer
Assault Squad, Pod, 2 flamers
Devastator Squads, 2x Gravcanons, Rhino
Chaplain, Hunter’s Eye
Tactical Squad, Pod, Melta, Combi-Melta
Tactical Squad, Pod, Melta, Combi-Melta
Tactical Squad, Pod, Plasma, Combi-Plasma
Assault Squad, Pod, 2 flamers
Devastator Squads, 2x Gravcanons, Rhino
MVP Land Speeder & Whirlwind Formation
Astra-Militarum Allies
Lord Commissar
Platoon :
Platoon Command, Autocanon
2x Infantry Squad with Lascanon
Wyvern Squadron (2)

Here’s the 10% that might change this up :
According to some rumors from the internet :
Making the Skyhammer Annihilation Force an Auxiliary Choice in Angels of Death or whatever it’s name is supplement. This is a big one as it adds a lot to the army and takes away the « tax » of the auxiliary detachement.
Imperial 30 years old Space Marine
Free dude with Instant death gun? Yeah sure. If that’s true, he’ll go with the plasmagun-drop-pod-squad

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s Instagram/Facebook post as I take the new list to town on some Eldars, and hopefully I won’t get wrecked to oblivion.

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