3 Tricks to Kickstart Motivation

Motivation is never really an issue for me; not because I never get in a rut, but because I kickstart it when I need to.  How do I do it?  Top Gun’s theme song and a 6 pack of red bull.  Or any of the three much better tricks below!

The 3 Best Ways to Kickstart Motivation and Start Painting

1- Short speeches and Motivation videos

2- High Energy Playlist

3- Completing something mundane

Let’s dig into these with why and how it works.

1- Short Speeches and Motivation Videos

Truth be told, I love these motivation videos.  In part because they remind me of back then when I played football and was ready to run face first into a brick wall and ask for seconds.  It’s also what got me back in the gym on the regular.

Moderation is key here, it’s easy to lose 2 hours on Youtube and think you’re doing something while you’re not.  It’s like watching 3 hours of TED Talks and thinking you’ve accomplished anything.

2- High Energy Playlist

Again borrowing a trick from real life and bringing it in a hobby context, using the same playlist with high intensity songs will get you going.

Gym playlists and morning playlists  exist for a reason: they work.  Painting playlists are no different.  I listen to that song and playlist strictly when I have things to do.  Everytime I hear the start of my playlist, my brain tricks itself into getting me to start something.

There is some for every genre, from metal to EDM.  You can either chose one from spotify or youtube, or make your own if you fancy yourself a DJ.  High energy is the key here, don’t pick slow cheesy ballads. 

B. T. Dub, Vanessa Carlton 1000 miles is usually my go-to 1st song, loosely tied with Total Eclipse of the Heart.  Embrace it.  Earn it.  Own it.

3- Complete something mundane.

This one is harder to pull off, but it works again by tricking your brain slightly.  It’s why most ultra productive people usually start the day by making their bed; it gets the ball rolling to do stuff. 

Again, having something mundane hobby-related to do, like sorting a bits box or getting your paint rack back in order.  Just like the videos, don’t over do it.

Mundane is a task that takes 10-15 minutes, don’t start cleaning the whole room, yes, you’ll get something done, but it’s another way to procrastinate.

And the most important part about motivation is this:  Whatever works for you.  

Except crack.

Until next time,

No excuses; hobby like a champion!

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