Essential 3D Printing Accessories

You got yourself a banging 3D Printer, now what?  Here are a few 3d Printing accessories that will make your new hobby easier!

Much like everyone, when I buy a fancy new gadget like a 3D printer, I want to rush to get it out the box and use it right away.

But before you dive head first, here are some great 3d printing accessories you want to consider buying to make sure your 3d printing experience runs smoothly.

Essential 3D Printing Accessories

In addition to a 3D printer, there are several other items that you may need for 3D printing. Here are some common ones:

Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol (often abbreviated IPA in 3d print lingo, not to be confused with beer) has a lot of uses and is by far one of the the best 3D printing accessories you can get.

Use it to clean the printing bed and clean up your prints from uncured resin.

Anycubic’s Wash & Cure Station

This is basically a two for one solution for cleaning and curing resin.   It replaces the more DIY solution of using pickle jars and often ill-shaped UV curing stations.

You can get different models from Anycubic’s own website here.

Silicone Prep Mat

Speaking of DIY solutions, it doesn’t get any better than a silicone mat.  This is a cost-effective way to prevent spills and debris from the various products involved in 3d printing.

The raised edges make sure that whatever accident happen stays contained on the mat, and not across your hobby area.

If you have life changing gadgets for your 3D printing setup, share them in the comments below!

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