A review of 2014

What a year!
After seeing everyone’s year in review – and I don’t mean those facebook your year in review, I figured I’d give it a shot too, see what 2014 was about.

Before I get into this whole recollection, I remember a few of the resolutions I’d taken, and I want to go over what I did and did not do, at least hobby wise (  Come on, eat healthy, find true love, sleep more than 3 hours each night…  who am I kidding here… ).
1-  Launch my own website ( beside this blog – I love y’all ).
Not really, seems like the blogspot will have to do for the time being.
2- Complete all the random models that are lying around.
Nope.  But work has been done in that regard, and the heaps and piles of boxes, models and whatnot has definitely improved ( improved as in there’s less of it, you hoarding bastard! )  And I will keep working on that this year!
3- Reach 1000 youtube followers.
Yeah, no.  But I somewhat gave up on that early, as I changed my setup and was busy with other projects, making videos was put aside for the time being.
Now, what did I do this year.
BOOM.  Looking back at these, I am quite impressed with the minis I turned out this year.  And the mashup is not everything.  There 4000pts of Adepticon, 2 Dwarf armies, a High Elf Army, and a Blood Angel army my commissar bust..  the list goes on.
I set up this blog.  Basically everything on here was done this year.  The “hobby ressouce tab “ has 18 articles/videos.
I maybe didn’t get my 1000 youtube followers, but my articles and minis have been posted on spikeybits, torrent of fire and Frontline gaming, and I’m quite proud of that.
Made a shitton of amazing friends.  I can’t name them all, and won’t because obviously I’ll forget some folks and feel bad about it ( Canada, eh ) but know that if we shared a drink  around, next to or under a gaming table, you made this French Canadian’s tournament experience amazing.

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