Airbrush Masking Tricks

Airbrush masking is a super easy way to level up your spraying.   Get better results with this airbrush painting tutorial!

When you’re airbrushing, sometimes you have to mask off areas to get the best results, and sometimes it can be a pain!

3 Masking Tricks For Airbrushing

With these three easy tips, you should be able to get great results! If you’ve been getting into airbrushing, this is really something you should check out to up your skills there!

Tip #1

The first tip is something seems counter intuitive. You don’t want to use paint that is too thin. If it’s too thin, it will actually seep into and beneath the tape.

So, make sure the paint isn’t too thin, or the tape will have no effect.

Tip #2

This one seems simple, but a lot of people make this mistake.

Once you get your tape where you want it, do not touch it!

Even the slightest movement can throw off your pattern, so get it where you want it, and leave it there. This is especially important if you have cheap tape and not tape meant specifically for painting.

Overall, you want to use a good quality painter’s tape with “low tack” for removing.

Also, matt coating your miniature and letting it dry before you mask is also great.

Tip #3

The last tip is also counter intuitive.  You don’t want to wait to remove your airbrush masking.

Once you have your paint where you want it, take the tape off right away. If you wait for the paint to dry, it might dry in between the tape and the surface, which could cause some of the paint to rip off and ruin what you just did!

These are three super easy tips to implement, and if you’re airbrushing, give them a try next time!

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