Army of the Month: February 2020

February is halfway over, and 2020’s second Army of the month is in the books.  All aboard the Space Marines hypetrain!  CHOO CHOO Motherlovers!

That’s right, second month in February means second fully painted army.  It’s quite early in the month, but Tournaments wait for no man, so here  it is.

Actually, this is the state they were in to play them at the CHTT, but because I also intend to bring this army to Adepticon, I will probably add more details, like eyes and squad markings.*

I’m also most likely going to change a few things I did not like about the list.

I had very little time to playtest and practice before locking in lists. I then needed to buy, assemble and paint them as well. So I just stuck to the original list with minor modifications to remove the Forge World elements.

When talking with Nick ( who built the original list ) at CHTT, I assumed he would laugh at my Stalker.

Instead, he immediately said ” You should remove the Invictor”.  This is all the okay I needed, because I hated the model, didn’t find him quite relevant in 90% of the games, and only included because the internet seemed to think it was a good model.

With the baby carrier gone, I’m adding a Primaris Apothecary, 5 Sniper Scouts and adding a Thunderhammer to a unit of Intercessors.  Then, I am facing 2 options:

  1. Keep my custom chapter with these minor tweaks and 4 more Intercessors.
  2. Removing the Techmaine for Feirros, going real Iron Hands

I got all the models required ( 5 sniper scouts, a Primaris Apothecary, and Feirros ) for both options.

Players better than me at the Warhammers ( Nick and Austin ) advise to switch to Iron Hands.

I think I will go for the minor tweak first, because I’m not sure how much practice I can get before Adepticon.  I think it’s better to play a slightly sub-optimal list that you fully understand, rather than slightly misplay the most OP list.

But who knows.  If I really like how my Feirros looks, I might call an audible.  I’ve done far worse this prior to tournaments…

*Please note that I do have real suppressors. I figured they would break if I glued them on before transporting the army.

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