Army of the Month: January 2020

Progress report on the first step on my quest to paint an army per month for a whole year.  Become what some might call an absolute madlad.

I started the army of the month project last year with a simple goal in mind: play with painted models for an entire year, and end the year with 12 fully painted armies.

I fell short last year, where I painted 7 armies instead of twelve, and sold 4 of those 7.

That absolutely does not mean I won’t try it again this year.


My original plan was to paint my CHTT army for January’s AOTM project.  I got more than what I bargained for as I ended up painting 2 armies for CHTT, covering both January and February’s armies.

Because I like to keep the 1st impression strong, I did not want to post too many pictures of the army before the event, hence the late posting.

January’s army is Necrons, with what is currently the only playable list in the competitive scene.

Bear in mind, I have never played it, it was Franck’s army for CHTT.  When I talked to people about a Necron list, they were able to name the exact content of the list, so I’m assuming it’s the only way to play the robots until they get their Psychic Awakening buffpad treatment.

I just like how Necrons look and wanted to make a visually striking army that I could easily add models to.

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