Badger 150 vs Badger 105

The Badger 150 airbrush is often in the shadows of the popular Patriot. However, it does offer many unique features for miniature painters.

For miniature painting enthusiasts, airbrushing has become an invaluable technique for achieving stunning results with efficiency and precision.

Badger, a leading brand in the airbrushing industry, offers many exceptional models perfect for the needs of miniature painters.  Let’s compare two of their great starter models: the Badger 150 and the Badger Patriot 105.

We will dig deeper in the unique features and benefits of each model, helping you make an informed decision for your Warhammer or other miniature painting projects.

Badger 150: Bulk and Control

The Badger 150 is a highly versatile and reliable airbrush that excels in delivering exceptional control and precision for miniature painting.

Let’s delve into its standout features:

Double-Action Suction Feed: This combo of features is not quite common in airbrushing.  Double action usually comes with gravity feeds, while suction feeds are usually single action.

The Badger 150 offers the best of both worlds.  It’s an advanced version of a spray gun, where you have a lot more control, and a larger version of a beginner airbrush, allowing you to spray with a greater volume of paint.

Fine Control: The Badger 150’s double-action trigger system allows for precise control over both air and paint flow. This feature allows you to achieve smooth transitions and delicate shading on your miniatures.

Interchangeable Tips and Needles: The Badger 150 comes equipped with interchangeable tips and needles. This offers the flexibility to switch between different paint coverage and line widths.

This versatility allows you to adapt your airbrush to various miniature painting techniques, from base coating large areas to adding fine details. You can easily achieve consistent paint flow for different-sized models without compromising on quality.

Badger Patriot 105: Workhorse & Available

When it comes to airbrushing miniatures, the Badger 105 (called The Patriot) is one of the most popular choice.

Let’s explore its notable features:

Jack of all trade: The Patriot 105 is such a hit because it does everything relatively well.  From primer and base coats to finer highlights and glazing, it can do it.  Here’s a deeper look into its uses.

Simple Design: The Patriot 105’s design is textbook -worthy.  There are no weird and unique parts, intricate connectors or any wildcards really.  This makes it a staple for beginners. Understanding how the Patriot 105 works allows you to understand practically any other airbrush.

Easy Maintenance: Being one of the most popular model means that replacement parts are easy to come by, making the Patriot 105 a reliable tool for your ongoing miniature painting projects.

Comparing the Badger 150 and 105

As you can see, despite the popularity of the 105, the Badger 150 is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to a workhorse airbrush, specially if you are looking for volume of work rather than advanced techniques.

Ultimately, understanding your painting goals, preferred techniques, and comfort requirements will guide you towards selecting the airbrush that best complements your miniature painting journey.

With either model in your arsenal, you’ll unlock a new realm of possibilities and take your miniature painting to new heights.

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