The Badger Patriot vs a Timbertech Airbrush

The Badger Patriot is a staple for beginner-friendly airbrushes. How does it compare to another staple: the Timbertech airbrush?

When it comes to miniature painting, having the right airbrush can make all the difference in achieving stunning results.

Two popular choices among hobbyists, amateurs & professionals alike, are the Badger Patriot and the Timbertech airbrush.

But which is best?  Here’s a thorough comparison between these two airbrushes, focusing on their features, performance, and price.  So, if you’re looking to diversify your airbrush situation, read on to find out which one suits your needs best.

Badger Patriot Airbrush

Let’s start with the Badger Patriot, being the staple of a miniature painting airbrush for many years.

In fact, the Patriot is such a stable in the game that it’s often the base of any comparison between airbrushes:  is this airbrush better or worse than a Badger Patriot in this regard.  The reason behind that is simple, the Patriot is a jack-of-all trade.  It does everything decently enough.

Another great aspect of Badger airbrushes is how accessible replacement parts are.  Easily available, and quite affordable to boot.

The Timbertech Airbrush

As mentioned previously, an easy way to rate an airbrush is to compare it to the Badger Patriot.

And we get to rate very similar products in this case, as the Timbertech airbrush is also an all-rounder kind of airbrush.

The main advantage is the low price.  You can buy almost four of them for the price of a single Badger Patriot.

This low price point mitigates how fragile the pieces are.  And where with Badger you can get replacement parts easily, in this case you can just purchase a new airbrush and keep the pieces that are not broken.

The other important drawback of the Timbertech is the learning curve.  The trigger action is much shorter, and finding the sweet spot becomes this much harder, specially if you are a beginner.

Comparing Both

Both the Badger Patriot and the Timbertech airbrushes offer unique features and advantages that cater to different painting styles and preferences.

The Badger Patriot is an excellent choice if you are able to afford a little bit more and want an easier learning curve, or if you intend to push your artistic skills with the airbrush.

However, if you want to keep the bill low, and if you plan on only using it for base coating or painting larger surfaces, the Timbertech airbrush might be the better option.

Ultimately, consider your specific needs and preferences ; you can now make an informed decision that enhances your miniature painting journey.

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