Badger Xtreme Patriot Airbrush Review

The Badger Xtreme Patriot airbrush is quite formidable. Here’s what makes the Patriot 105’s less talked about cousin so extreme.

As far as beginner airbrush go, the Patriot 105 is hard to beat.  It’s been the go-to airbrush for many miniature painter.

However, you can get a lot more bang for your buck by starting one grade up with the Xtreme Patriot airbrush.

Badger Xtreme Patriot Arrow Airbrush Review

There are two variants to the Xtreme Patriot, the Arrow and the 105.  The main difference is the cup size – how much paint it holds at one time.

Because they are so similar, this review is applicable to either version, but know it was done with the Arrow.


What makes the Patriot Xtreme a great starter airbrush

The main factor to consider is that this is still a Patriot, and share all of its qualities.  Only, it offers one additional key feature:  the longer trigger.

The long trigger is an amazing tool, because it makes it a lot easier to control the size of your spray.  This is one of the hardest thing to master with airbrushing.

The longer pull means that you size’s sweet spot is easier to find and maintain consistently.  Even for inexperienced painters.


Obviously, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  There are some flaws to this airbrush.

The biggest flaw of the arrow compared to the Xtreme 105 is the smaller cup size.  It’s the perfect airbrush for basecoat and broad highlights.  The small cup means you have to refill if you tackle any decent amount of models at one time.

The other issue with both variants of the Patriot Xtreme is the exposed needle.  Being clumsy myself, I understand that the lack of a needle guard can be quite daunting for beginners.

While it’s not a deal breaker for everyone, it is worth considering.

You should always treat your airbrush needle with care, regardless.  It does come with a protective cap, to protect it when it’s not in use.

Technical Breakdown

Here are the Xtreme Patriot 105‘s specs, as it is much easier to find, and better because of the larger cup.

A superior, low-maintenance airbrush for any application!: The Xtreme Patriot 105 is the ultimate airbrush, delivering superior trigger control and detail responsiveness for beginners and experienced artists alike.

  • The 0.3 Needle/Nozzle combination provides a wide spray pattern from hair-line to 2″.
  • Features: Dual-action, internal mix, gravity-feed airbrush.
  • Single needle/nozzle sprays pencil-thin lines to 3” (76 mm) spray pattern.
  • Operates at 30 PSI, as well as lower-pressure 10-15 PSI settings.
  • Finger-tight assembly tolerances

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