The Best Air Compressor to Airbrush Miniatures

Compressors are an essential part of every airbrush setup, and finding the best air compressor is much simpler than people think.

Whether you’re after a new compressor or just getting started, you’ll find the best air compressors to airbrush your miniatures on this list.

The Best Air Compressors to Airbrush Miniatures

There are many kinds of compressors.  Depending on what you need, which kind is best for you will differ.  So here are some of the most important features with their pros and cons

Tank vs. No Tank

This is one of the main feature of a compressor, and each variation comes with its pros and cons.

Having an air tank allows you to keep your air pressure steadier over an airbrushing session.  This is very useful if you are spraying at a very low pressure, where variation matter.

For a lot of miniature painting’s airbrush needs, using very low pressure is not required.  As such, a tank-less compressor will do just as good a job, but for a fraction of the cost, which is its main advantage.

Contrary to popular belief, having a tank on a compressor does not make it quieter.  One makes noise as you spray, the other makes noise as it’s filling up.  Same noise, different moments.

Brand Name vs. Unbranded

Compressors are, to a certain extent, very simple and straightforward machines.  Much like airbrushes, there are no compressors to airbrush miniatures designed specifically for it.

That’s because what is required to airbrush miniatures is not very specific.  It’s great for us, as it means that a generic unbranded compressor and a brand name compressor are practically the same thing.  The quality of it is similar, if not better for generic tools.

Again, for a fraction of the cost.  As such, avoid brand names when it comes to compressors, unless you land on a deal that includes a brand-name airbrush you want.

Bare Minimum vs Too Cheap

Generic does not mean any compressor will do the job.  Big heavy duty compressors, like the ones used on tires are unbelievably loud and have too much pressure for what you’ll need.

On the other end of the spectrum, super small compressors, like the ones used for food, are often not powerful enough to get decent results on the most basic techniques.

You want to stick somewhere in the middle of the pack.  And the good news is that compressors have a very long life, it’s not something you will replace every year.

Best Air Compressor to Airbrush Miniatures

Compressors to Airbrush Miniatures Without Tank

Our favorite pick: Compressor & 3 Airbrush Complete Kit

Masters Compressor + Hose

Masters Compressor + 2 Airbrush Complete Kit

Compressors to Airbrush Miniatures With Tank

Our favorite pick: Timbertech Compressor with Tank

Masters Compressor & Airbrush Complete Kit

Masters Compressor + Hose

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