Best Hobby Knife – Our Top 3 Picks

A hobby knife is a must for all model builders.  But there are so many different kind available, which one should you chose?

It is one if not the most versatile tool you can have.  But like many other tools, there are so many to chose from.

First and foremost, you should opt for a real hobby knife, not settle for a box cutter.  It is not expensive enough for you to compromise on, and not the place where you want to save your money.

Knife No. 1 and No.11 Blades

There is no specific brand name for this, it’s the most common kind.  But, as the saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Picking any knife, as long as it is compatible with the No.11 Blades, you are good to go.  These blades are the real thing, and what you want ultimately.

This is a good rule of thumb for most tools:  unless it does something specific that you want, buying the generic version is the best.  The quality will be the same for a fraction of the price.

The Army Painter Precision Hobby Knife

First, you guessed it, it is compatible for No.11 Blades.

Second, what makes this one of our top picks is the triangular shape of the handle.  It does not roll off your desk.  Anything with a blade that can boast this feature is worth its weight in gold.

It also sports a cushioned handled.  If you are doing long assembly sessions, your fingers will be happy for this feature.

The Army Painter Precision Hobby Knife ( Top Pick)

This hobby knife has everything you can ask for, as it combines the best traits from both the previous models.

It’s using the No.11 blades,

It’s flat so it does not roll on you,

It is retractable, the only feature from box cutter we remotely enjoy.

I love the retractable feature because safety caps always get lost of forgotten and then I either damage the blade accidentally, of damage my hand because the knife was just left somewhere.

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