Blood for the Blood God!

What’s red, has 2 thumbs, and collect skulls?  These guys!

This joke doesn’t work so well in text…

You might’ve seenr this guy poping up in some posts and article:

Well, I found him a bunch of friends!
A title forging a narrative, like Blood Lord James McBadass, is all that was missing for this project.
You know how most painters look at that one mini and say:  Ooooooh I really want to paint that guy.  Well I do that with battleforces.  I always want units or something playable ( despite never playing ) instead of just a lone model.
Well, Blood Lord James McBadass now leads a cohort!
Instead of just doing my usual thing, I wanted to try new techniques on them.  These are WIP, but I assure you, they look just as weird and un-uniform in real life.  Also, the bases were part of a trade with a friend, I have no clue where to find them anymore, so if I want to expand, I’ll use Secret Weapon Field of Bones and mix and match them through the army.
No clue if I’ll expand this force, keep it on a bookshelf/box, or sell it, but here’s the Technique-Tryers of the Skull Lord Battlegroup, lead by Blood Lord James McBadass.

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