Blood Ravens Air Wing Army

This spam-tastic Blood Ravens army is zooming across the board to steal relics!  Check out the Dawn of War poster boys.

Well, it’s not stealing relics, it’s securing them.  You know, safekeeping.  Not hoarding or anything.


Just like many of the armies we paint, this army was built for a tournament that never was.  Well, the tournament was, but the dreams of me playing the army in it, was not.

I found this list looking at the Winter Team Championship, sorta WTC, but in winter, obviously.  It is a different take on the currently rising in popularity 4 Repulsor list.


The List itself

Ultramarines Battalion

  • Tigurius
  • Techmarine, [The Teeth of Terra] Relic, Storm of Fire Warlord Trait
  • Two units of 5 Marines, Sarge w/ Stormbolter
  • 5 Marines, 1x Rocket Launcher
  • Repulsor – 2 Fragstorm, 3 Stormbolter, 1 Ironhail Stubber, 1 Krakstorm, Twin Heavy Bolter, Onslaught and mini Onslaught

Ultramarines Flyer Wing

  • THREE (!!!) Storm Ravens – All with Twin Heavy Bolter, Twin Assault Cannon, Hurricane Bolters

Ultramarines Heavy Auxiliary

  • Robert G.


Painting the Blood Ravens

This army’s painting was pretty much dictated to me from the start: instead of painting it as Ultramarines, I will simply add them to my Blood Raven collection of Space Marines.

Naturally, they are painted to match my existing force.


This is both a blessing and a curse, as I built the OG Blood Ravens in the Gladius-era of Space Marines, and built it using only models I traded and/or found on the super cheap.

At the time, the original Gladius cost me under $150.

This minimalistic approach somewhat transferred to the painting, as the whole army is painted in a super quick scheme.

The process is quite simple, and it was fitting for February as my time was quite limited.


The display board is super small, but serves a purpose.

This entire list along with the display fits in a Battle Foam PACK 432, making it a traveller’s premier option.

Sadly, it did not travel very far, so that never came in play.  But I was ready for it!


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