Community Hobby Space

Community painting is the best kind of painting.  All you need to get started is a decent hobby space.  Here’s how to make one!

When it comes to building a hobby space, one of my favorite and least talked about is the community kind.

I’ve rarely been as motivated to paint or as productive as the times I’ve had friends over for a painting afternoon or painting night.

If this is something that you’e interested in hosting, the first step is building the perfect community oriented hobby space.

Rest assured, it’s quite simple and can easily be done in under $100!

The Community Hobby Space

Here’s a real simple setup to paint that you can get for your home or local hobby place of choice.

The total cost for this is less than 75$, and can accommodate four people easily.

It’s really aimed at community or group painting. Obviously, now it’s pushed on a wall to take less space when not in use.  Turn it sideways and put chairs around it, you are good to go!

Unlike your own personal little space, this setup is perfect to have a few friends over and get that all-nighter in right before tournaments.

Or, you know, something less barbaric like 2-3 hours every Thursday night while watching the game.

You’ll need the following:

  • Folding Table.  Common size is 6 feet by 30 inches, but there are some larger ones and smaller square ones depending on how many people you want to have over.
  • Folding chairs
  • Plastic Sheet

The motto here is KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Buy things that work well enough and don’t cost a ton.  Aim for function above form, at least to get started.

Plastic sheet is really not expensive, I think its worth buying to protect your table, even a basic folding one.

Cut your plastic sheet to the appropriate size, leaving enough left to tuck it under the table and secure it with tape.

This not only locks the sheet in place, it’s also prettier and doesn’t risk getting stuck to something or someone and tear up everything.

Furniture & Hardware

Folding table around 30$ at Target/Walmart/Costco or this Cosco Deluxe 6 foot x 30 inch from Amazon.

Folding chairs, a whooping 8$ each at Walmart/Target/Costco, or this Cosco Resin Folding Chair 4 Pack from Amazon.  Amazon has great deals on 4 packs, which is a good number for us. 

Plastic Sheet, bought at the dollar store.  It cost me something like a dollar per yard.  For some reason, they measure it in yards, so measure ahead.   “I’ll take a 1st down’s worth of plastic sheet please.” did sound nice enough to say.

Hobby Supplies

The rest is basic hobby supplies you should already have.

The paint is in a large box to fit the “community” aspect of this table setup.  It’s in the middle of the table and everyone as easy access to the paint, rather than on a rack that won’t stay organized for more than an hour each session anyway.

Most people don’t need to start from scratch, so the $100 budget is pushing it.  I’ve seen groups chip in some loose change ever session to replace paint and upgrade the hobby space with time.

The chairs are probably the place where spending some extra money is most worth it.

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