Is a Complete Airbrush Set any Good to Start With?

You’ve decided to start airbrushing? Bully! Now, is buying a complete airbrush set any good? We break down the answer for you.

If you’ve decided to embark on the exciting journey of airbrushing, you might face a crucial decision: should you buy a complete airbrush kit or purchase the individual pieces separately?

While both options have their merits, there are compelling reasons why opting for a complete airbrush kit is the smarter and more advantageous choice.

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a complete airbrush set that includes everything you need to get started.

Perfectly Matched Components

When you buy a complete airbrush kit, you can rest assured that all the components are perfectly matched and designed to work together seamlessly. This is arguably the most significant advantage of purchasing a complete airbrush kit.

Manufacturers carefully curate these kits to ensure that the airbrush, compressor, and accessories are compatible, offering optimal performance and reliability.

This eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty that can come with piecing together an airbrushing setup from separate items.

Convenience and Time-Saving

A complete kit is ready to use right out of the box.  Plug and play, child’s play, key in hand, call this whatever you like.

Instead of spending hours researching and selecting individual components, a kit provides you with all the essentials in one package. From the airbrushes, compressor, and hose, a complete set ensures you have everything with the proper fitting required to begin your airbrushing journey right away.

This not only saves you time but also eliminates the hassle of trying to find compatible parts.


While it might seem like buying individual pieces could be more cost-effective, in reality, purchasing a complete airbrush kit often offers better value for money.

Manufacturers typically bundle the items together at a discounted price compared to buying each component separately. Moreover, some kits include extras like instructional DVDs, stencils, or additional paint colors, further enhancing the overall value of the package.

Perfect Building Block

Adding to the already great value, the greatest part of these kits come in the compressor and its accessories.

The airbrush included in these kits is often very cheap.  While it will work to get you started and do the basics, the fun stops there.  You will need to replace or upgrade it soon enough.  But the compressor is perfect for your need, you won’t need to replace it or upgrade it.

Compressors being quite simple, the only thing you seek is a reliable one, and these fit perfectly.  Coupled with the accessories you usually find in these kits, like a moisture trap, airbrush holder and a hose, this only adds to the value of a complete airbrush set.

Is a Complete Airbrush Set any Good to Start With?

While there are benefits to buying airbrushing components separately, the advantages of opting for a complete airbrush kit are difficult to ignore.

The convenience, cost-effectiveness, quality assurance, and comprehensive resources provided by a complete set make it a superior choice for both beginners and experienced artists alike.

So, if you’re looking to dive into the captivating world of airbrushing, consider investing in a complete airbrush kit.

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