Da Boyz Part 1

I am back with another tale of international drinking and cursing.  Some Warhammer was also involved, maybe.  Hit the jump for tales of the pregame!

Heading to Da Boyz, I had once again a couple of goals in mind.  We were pretty set on wining Painting for the Team Tournament, and me and Eric had a gol to get at least 1 win, which is more than last year where we had 2 losses and a draw.

for the team tournament, I did not have anything special in mind, I did not really like the list I was using, did nothing to upgrade the painting, so I was looking forward to drinking beer, shoving my big ugly nurgle dudes around the board and hopefully play some friends I only meet at events.

Now, the team tournament was on Friday.  We got to the Da Boyz venue by diner time on Thursday.  As you can expect, many players did the same, and many drinks were had.  One of these players was none other that Rick James, gamer extraordinaire.  Once the room was set up, we were fairly hammered and started a game.  This served a bunch of purposes, other than drinking and playing because it’s fun.  One, Rick had only played one game of 7th edition, so the game was sa much needed refresh on the rules and second, I wanted to fix the Nids that got damaged on the way over prior to the tournament.

I don’t think we played mor than 3 turns, Rick’s ride was leaving and he was hammered out of his mind.  I crashed the resort’s bar, where Hellfire’s  Franck and Jack and Marcoux were making some friends and drinking heavily.  Needless to say, we close the sonabitch down.

Also worth mentioning, at some point I was left with a fellow hoser from Ontario and a drinker from the Land of the Free.  Because of reasons, probably valid ones too, we could not setle who could outdrink who.  I have a picture of the parking lot, should proofs be needed, where we can clearly see 2 distinct throw up templates, frozen over.  Bow down to the Frenchie.  One win down, 2 to go.

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