Da Boyz Part 2

You can catch Part 1 here if you missed it.

Part 2 of Da Boyz  is about the Team Tournament.  This is the event I was the most looking forward too.  Not only did we build an army for the sole purpose of playing there,  the relaxed and drink-friendly mood of the event is really what I enjoy the most out of.

Now the comp rule for the Team Tournament were pretty loose and allowed for some really nasty stuff.  We played none of that, so we expected the get curb stomped at some point.  Spoiler alert, we did.  Our goal however was wining at least a game, something we failed ot achieve last year with our 3 loss record.

Unto the games.  Once again, I am really bad with names and I was pretty smashed, so I don’t recall half the names of our opponents.  Sorry bros.

Game one.  No clue what their name were.  I’m not sure I remember what their list was either, though they played Space Marines and IG.  I remember that seeing he scenario and their list, my partner Eric told me something along the lines of: ” Don’t touch the dice you unlucky bastard and this game is ours ”  It was a pretty good matchup for us, and we scored max points.  With that one game, we scored more points than our entire tournament last year.  One third of what we aimed for achieved.

Game 2 was gonna be bad.  There were 4 teams with max points in round one:  Ricky Johnson and his partner, Nick Nanavati and Werner Born fielding a Tranny C’Tan and Tony Kopach and his girlfriend Suzana.  She plays dirty.  Tony and Nick play each other a lot, so thay asked me and Rick if we didn’t mind that they were not paired one vs the other.  I could not care less as I was pretty sure that the curb stomp was coming from all 3 lists.  We ended up playing Nick Brown the tranny C’tan and Werner.   There was really not much going on in this game.  We set up to protect our big dudes from the S:D flamer, hoping to seize the initiative to get some flying going on and move our relic out of the deployement zone for a guaranteed 5 points.  The only highlight of the game is that they spent a good 10 minutes planning their 5th turn to get max point and I outsmarted them both to sneak away 5 point from their perfect score.  That is if the game ended on turn 5.  It didn’t, we score 8 points, they score all.  But seeing their WTF is going face was pretty sweet for a few minutes.  Getting curb stomped was the 2nd thing we expected at the tournament, and Nick and Werner did it in style. 2 of our 3 goas reached so far!

Game 3, vs the infamous Adam and his buddy ( Sorry bro, I’m bad with names )  before the pairing were announced, Adam was talking modelling with me and offering shots of Kraken to whoever was nearby.  I took like 4, and I was already not quite sober.  Pairings come up, I hear Adam scream from across the room, I know shit’sgoingdown.  Before deployement, we agree that Eric would be our tactical player and that I would be the tactical drinker for the team, because Adam was set on finishing that Kraken, and I’d be damned if I let him down.  Midway through the game, our friend Arnaud was painting his army for the single and came across a problem.  So I briefed Adam and his partner: ”  One of our friends is having trouble, so if it’s alright with you, I’ll tap in my buddy Kevin.  He’s just like me but not as good looking.  He will assume my drinking duties while I’m gone. ”  I missed 2 turns or so,  I don’t know the scenario, their army or the final score.   The game was awesome.

Painting was based on player’s choice, so every team had to vote.  It came down to us or Burton’s Eldar army.   I did not have  a chance to see them up close, but the airbrush work on the was really awesome, with a lot of bold white eldar iconography on blazing red tanks.   Turns out we won player’s choice, as our gooey bugs and Eric’s insane display board got us the votes!   3 out of 3 for what we expected at the team event!

Unto part 3, the GT!

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