Da Boyz Part 3

If you missed part 2, check it out here.

Welcome to part 3 of my ramblings at Da Boyz tournament.  This part covers the GT part of the event, 5 games of alchool-induced blood, sweat, and tears.  Read on for glory!

I took a modified version of my Daemons list from NOVA.   The heavy composition at Da Boyz and my busy schedule meant I did not have much time tweaking my list or painting a gazilion models to play something I felt would be top tier. Never fear, pushing models around while making fart noises and drinking beer is my forte.

Game 1 was against Kevin, a scottish gentleman from Ontario.  The game was somewhat close, despite me getting 2 points to Kev’s 32.  I was really bad lucked during the game and figured it’s the reason I lost, but thinking about it afterwards, I was quite rusty and did not play correctly the first 2 turns.  The game was a lot of fun despite my horrendous rolling.

Game 2 was versus Allan, who played Blood Ravens.  I don’t quite remember the scenario, probably KPs becaus I distinctly remember wanting to wipe the board out of marines.   It’s a legit tactics in most game, but I absolutly don’t remember much objectives.  MVP of the game is definitly Allan’s Leman Russ Battle Tank Commander that killed pretty much all I could spawn in my deployement zone.  I score max points.

Game 3 was versus Chris who was playing 2 Imperial Knights and Grey Knights. Not only is the army the worst match up for the Daemons, we played on one of the harshest tournament table I’ve ever seen.  The killing field is pictured below.  The game was straight victory points, with units that you play multiple of counting for double their VPs and unit that did not charge/shoot the whole game counting as destroyed.  The game is one of the best tactically I’ve ever played from my side at least.

While tallying up victory points, we end up within 60 of each other, a draw.  Chris then looks back at his list, back at me and then says:  ” Do you think that the Knight count as the same despite one is a Errant and one is a Paladin?”  We ask a grown up, the knight is worth double VP, I swing a win on primary, draw on secondary.  I wrote down Chris’ name as my favorite opponent down at that very instant, I fugured that no ammount of free beer could top that level of honesty and gamesmanship.

End of the day 1, I’m 2-1.  They post the pairings for Day 2 and get paired vs Eric Hoerger, a good buddy of mine.  We agree to get drunk and battle it out.

I head into day 2 with a lot of beer in me and a couple of pitchers at the ready.  By 9:02 AM I am already quite smashed and ready to battle it out with Eric.  They then proceed to repair the round.

I felt sorry for my opponent who was rocking his captain-serious-gamer-face while I was in an obvious casual gaming mood.  The scenario was 5 objectives that you capture at the end of your own turn and stack points, which is a really hard match for daemons when you’re facing a Mech Army like he was playing.  At the end of turn 5, it was 11 points for him to 10 for me, and with one more turn I was probably wiping the marines from the board with the exception of a TFC and getting the win.  Sadly, we rolled a 1 and the game ended in loss with 13 points to his 21.  Sometime you eat the bar, sometime the bar eats you.

My 6th game was against Carlos who was playing Nids.  I was not really into the game, mainly because the scenario was a scouring and Carlos’ side had 4-3-2 objectives to my 3-2-1.  The game was fun regardless, with 12 big monsters on the table fighting it out.  In the end, I forgot that the scouring awarded extra point for killing Fast Attack choice and the 2 units of Plague Drones I summonned to tarpit units with ended up costing me the primary.

The Hellfire Crew ended up winning Average Joe’s ( The player in the dead center of the overall score ), and Arnaud scored 2nd best theme and won Best Painted with his awesome Death Guard.  Although there were minor issues in the painting judging ( nothing that would  affect awards in any way, I think the top 4 was pretty clear )  I’m pretty happy with my overall score of 26th Overall, placing 3rd from the crew, after Arnaud ( 4th) and Kevin ( something between 5 and 25- who cares about that asshat? )

Da Boyz 2015 is most definitly happenning for the boys from Quebec.

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