Welcome to the Hellfire Bookshelf.  A variety of e-books available from Amazon Kindle covering different aspects of miniature painting.

Most of these books are only 99 cents, and better yet, all of them are available for free if you are a member of Amazon Kindle Unlimited!

30Paint your Army in 30 Days is a 99 cents E-Book with a 10 step program to get a fully painted army on no time.


How to Become a Successful Professional Miniature Painter is a mouthful to say is for the aspiring commission painter.

Based on my 10 years living off commission painting, this book cover every aspect of the business that is commission painting and provide a foundation for developing and growing your very own business. Combining the aspects of building a business and painting miniatures to various levels of quality, How to Become a Successful Professional Miniature Painter takes whatever skills you currently have and how to make the most out of them.

assemblyHobby Fundamentals: Assembly

base2Painting Basics: Basecoats

dryPainting Basics: Drybrush

The Hobby Fundamentals and Miniature Painting Basics series offer exactly that.  Wether you are only starting your journey in the world of miniature painting or you want a quick refresh on some basic skills, these 99 cents e-book are the right place to start.

rocksRocky Bases

urbanUrban Bases


Snow Bases

In the Basic Bases series, each book focuses on a type of base and covers the different ways of building and painting it, as well as alternatives and other uses for the same techniques.  As with most of the Hellfire e-books, they are only 99 cents!