Eaziest way to paint yellow?

A long forgotten technique that’s perfect to paint dope yellow models in no time.  Get your brushes and get ready for yellow made easy!

The Eaziest Yellow Ever?

Now this technique will not get you an award or anything, but it’s simple enough that a blind monkey could do it and it looks pretty dope on a table.  And it’s fast to do in bulk, so grab at least 3 units to paint them altogether.

There is no messing around here.

In Bob Ross’ terms, this method is what is called a happy accident. I knew staining works well for gritty stuff like Death Guard, but for yellow to come out this way, goddamn.

Step 1 : Orange Basecoat

I used The Army Painter orange for this with an airbrush to go faster, but white primer and a large brush will make short work of this. Or, better still, orange shaker can like this one ( TAMTS-31 85031 Spray Lacquer TS31 Bright Orange 3 oz)
You don’t really have to lay it on perfectly, but make sure the deep cracks and recesses are well covered. Also, don’t make the mistake of using an ornge that is too light. We are looking for bright and striking!

Step 2 : White Drybrush

Savage! Savage, you say? Well yes, very much so. As I said, we are not messing around here. While this is savagery, don’t slack on the drybrush. The cleaner (As clean as drybrush can be, really) your drybrush is, the better your yellow will look.
You can pay closer attention to the areas that you want to pop once the painting is finished.

Step 3 : Yellow Shade

For this step, I used Games Woprkshop’s Cassandora Yellow. With the shade/tint phase, we want to give the model one even coat, rather that apply it on like a barbarian you would with a wash.

This shade will tie in the orange and white and tone everything in a bright yellow.

Your model will look a little weird at the moment because there yelow all over the place. But once you add a couple of blocking colors on orther surfaces, BAM!

Optional Step 4 – Classic Overachiever

And really optional, we are not doing this to be fancy. There’s no point in adding unnecessary steps, but if you want a shinier look or to pimp out a character, you can highlight or drybrush (very lightly this time) with white.

Very lightly is the key here, you don’t want to take away all the work you did in the previous steps.

Orange being quite nasty to paint with a brush, here are 2 sprays from Amazon that work fine: Tamiya Spray Bright Orange USA or TAMTS-31 85031 Spray Lacquer TS31 Bright Orange 3 oz

Until next time,
No excuses; hobby like a champion!

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