Store Infos & FAQ

Compiled here are the answers to the most common questions about the store.  

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Actual store:

400 Boul. Jean Lesage

Suite 035

Quebec City, Quebec

G1K 8W1

Store Hours:

WED – FRI – 15:00 – 21:00

SAT – SUN – 11:00 – 17:00


Can’t find something in the store?  We got you fam.  

We can get you everything from Games Workshop, including those pesky web only and made to order ones.  

We usually place our orders on Mondays. So if you order before that, it’s usually coming in within the week.

We’ve also been known to voodoo order some of the out of stock and limited quantities items, so don’t be shy to ask for them.  We are also quite fast on the trigger when this stuff comes back in stock.

To order stuff, phone it in during store hours ( or just show up, we’ll be there ) or use the form here.


You can switch languages with the top right menu.  Beware, the site is made in english, and then translated into whatever language you selected; to the best of google’s ability.

That being said, I speak french and english, so you can use either when calling / messaging.


At the moment, we do not keep track of what we have in store when it comes to secondhand models.  We post all of the stuff that comes in on the Patreon, and if there are no takers, it is sorted out in store about a week later.

As such, we don’t answer questions about ” Do you have XYZ  in used ? ” or “Can you tell me if you get XYZ in used? ” because, well, we don’t really keep track of it.  So you have to come check it out.

More infos on secondhand stuff can be found here ( at some point ).

“In store” Pick ups

You are always more than welcome to pick up your orders in store.  We can also bring your order with us to events, either those we run or those we attend.  

In-Store Pickup Only Items

A few items are In-store pickup only.  This is usually the case for things can can’t be shipped without special packaging and/or method, like glue and spray cans.  

You can use the contact form above if you’d like to get some of these items shipped, and we will try and work something out.

Canada-Only shipping.

Because we love the motherland ( but mostly for legal reasons ) we only ship to Canada. 

Bulk Discount.

We don’t offer a special kind of discount for bulk orders.  

However, if you’re buying for 60$ or more it’s worth it to join our Patreon, as you will save money anyway.  You can opt out on months when you don’t plan on buying models, we totally get it.

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