Fresh Off the Press!

And this time, we mean actually fresh off the press!  Over the past week, I turned one of the most popular e-book into an actual book !

You can get the paper back book from here:

How to Become a Successful Professional Miniature Painter

Now, you can still get the e-book for this, at half the price too ( turns out printing costs more monies than bandwidth; who knew? ).

The reason I put out e-books, besides their low cost, is that I’ve found this format more convenient for painting step by step.

Over the past decade, I’ve bought or borrowed every single miniature painting books and guides I could find; spent countless hours reading on blogs and forums. I’ve bought a whole lot of DVD and watch an absurd amount of youtube videos.  Absurd amount.

And E-book made sense.  You want to follow along and not fidget with keeping a book around, opened or bookmarked, or pressing pause play and rewinding to a specific part of a video.

I’m not saying it’s the only way to go, obviously.

I still watch an absurd amount of videos, and Angel Giraldez’ Painting Miniatures A to Z Masterclass Vol 2 has been on my toilet ( where I do most of my reading ) for the past month.

So why turn to paperback now?

Well, How to Become a Successful Professional Miniature Painter is not a step by step book.  It’s it’s own thing that you can read from cover to cover or browse specific sections.  Not a folow along.

And nothing beats an actual bookshelf.

Obviously, the next step is getting a buttload myself so I can distribute $99,99 signed copies…

Baby steps.

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