FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge

This is the first installement in what is going to my Tales of a Gamer, brought to you by FTGT.  Here are the basic rules for those unfamiliar with Tales of a Gamer: Each month, participants can only spend X amount (ours is 75 USD ) per month on models for an army, and must painted said models in the month.  Sounds easy enough?
So I embark upon this quest with a relatively un-original project, Crimson Slaughter, for a bunch of reasons, each more legit than the next.
First, because I’ve wanted to paint a Dark Vengeance set for a while. 
Second, because of the one unit-ish limit per month, I can’t use an army I want to use soon, because deadlines and stuff.
Third, I also mentionned some sort of Lunch-Hammer  going on around december, so this Hobby Challenge will get my 500-ish point army going.

This is also a fun change for me, as I usually paint whole armies at a time, so painting only a small number of models each month might prove fun.  Or it might be my downfall.  We’ll see.

The challenge starts on December 1st, expect an update a week about the challenge, which will become the Tuesday FTGT Hobby Challenge day.

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