Future Proof Your Painted Armies

The game and the rules change, so your painted armies need to change too.  So, how do we avoid painting all the time to keep up?

The Paint for Points articles series originally appeared on the blog Torrent of Fire.  Since that site is no longer around, they are re-uploaded here, and the series continued.  These articles are about painting for tournament players, with the checklist in mind.

Future Proof Your Painted Armies

It’s no secret that I love painted armies.

It’s also no secret that I love to paint armies.

However, as much as I may like it, the though of being always painting armies or never being done drives me crazy.

So, whenever it’s possible, i try to future proof my collection as much as possible.

What does this mean?  Well, simple put, I want my models to be as flexible as possible.  Don’t worry, I don’t mean flexible in the karate chop G.I.Joe sense of the term.

I want to use them forever.  Rain or shine, in or out meta, even in different Codexes altogether, if possible.

This space marines army is a good example of painted armies with versatility.  This scheme can be any successor it wants, and it can have a different name ever time.

Ultramarines today?  Sons of Macragge.

Iron Hands?  The Gorgon’s Spears…

Whatever you fancy.

Space Marines, both loyalists and their chaos counterparts are a solid example of this, where having a versatile scheme allows you to change sub-factions on a whim.

The same applies with things like Tau or Aeldari, where having a custom scheme allows you to switch sept and craftworld just as easily.

Another great trick is with bases.  If your entire collection is based in the same fashion, adding in allies becomes much easier.

If you’re pulling models from another army, it also happens to look much better if everything is on the same base.

This is even better with things like Assassins or Inquisitors, that can be played in a lot of different armies.

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