All the toys and doodads I use for the streams & videos!

All the links on this page are from my affiliate program with Amazon. I.E. If you buy stuff, I get a couple of dollars, at no extra cost to you.

Basic & Mandatory Stuff


The Computer is probably the first thing I’ll need upgrade, as it’s not really made for streaming, but it does the job for the time being.

My full computer setup is mostly made with these El Cheapo keyboard, mouse and mousepad.


This model is a couple of years old already, but it’s a great “secondary” camera.  It works well for battle reports and vlog-type things.

Actual Camera

This is a pretty decent “entry-point” camera.  It is also something that needs to be update sooner rather than later, specially if we start doing battle-reports and live games.


This is one of the top rated microphone for podcasting, the reason I got it in the first place.  It’s very high quality for an affordable price point.

You need a pop filter with the mic, this is not really optional.  Either get the foam-ball thingy of a filter-screen thingy.

You also most likely want a different stand for your mic than the one supplied.

Bipods, Tripods, Arm Stands

There’s not really a one-size fits all option here, get what fits your setup.  If you start recording videos and streaming, you will eventually have a closet full of these.


This you may not need, depending on your computer, but it’s one of those not really expensive gadgets that saves an insane amount of trouble.  Constantly plugging and unplugging cables is a nightmare.

Foldable photo booth

I don’t really use this for videos and stream, but I use the crap out of this on the regular, and this looks like a good place to list it.  It’s a great item if all you want is showcasing your miniatures.

Upgrades & Future Stuff

I’ve also included a wishlist from amazon.

I don’t expect you to buy any of this for me, you are not Santa after all.  It’s there for two reasons.  First, it’s stuff I don’t have yet, but that I will need to upgrade the production.  Its also a permanent reminder that “I don’t do this for the money; but it takes money to do this”

View the Amazon list of stuff still missing.

This list is a moving target, because a)  I impulse buy a lot of things and b) There are so many things I want to do with video and streaming, my next purchases will depend on which project I want to do next.