Have you heard about the word?

Step by step painting of the best kind of birds.   Carnivore birds. 

Nothing fancy painting wise, but efficient way to get these Kroots on a table and battle the crap out of them.  The scheme matches Jack’s Tau army, and they are painted in the same fashion as this article over on Spikey Bitz.  Hit the read more button for a quick step by step process.

Step one is having all the minis primed red.  That was done by Jack prior to me getting them, so I only had to do a couple of red touch ups on the metal hounds.

Started with the rags and laces, that are painted in Celestra Grey

Next, Adeptus Battlegrey for the hair and Ironbreaker silver for the Gun and shoulderplates.  I went back with Celestra Grey to add lightnings and stripes to the plates to get some squad Markings in there.

Paint over your awesome Kroot with Army Painter Quickshade ( I used the Strong Tone ), wait a full 24 hours, varnish and rejoice, you are done.
You still have the bases to do, technically.  But they are left undone, because Jack will do them later to fit with his army.

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