Hello again, internet!

Your favourite frenchie I back from Adepticon after a week of working 87 hours and 5 days of being perma-drunk at the con.

Read on for what’s to come from the untamed north

Back from a pretty intense month of working insane hours to get every commission within deadlines, I now have only one standing commission, a Konrad Kurze model.  So I should work on this pimp this week.  Maybe start building for a new army.  I’m debating between 3 “ tournament “ armies with hard hitting and spam, or a highlander army that I could play in any event with.  Choices, choices choices…
Tournament recap:  I will try to limit it to 1 post for each tournament I played and streamline.  These will have an army showcase tied to them, with the Daemon repaint and the whole new and quite dumb team army.
Painting updates.   You know, this is a blog about painting, so I should probably post painted stuff on here.  There’s a bunch of stuff I have not posted, mostly the commission work for the ND Open and some display miniatures, that are in neat little folders waiting to meet the interwebs.
Also, my buddy coach laid his motivation talk on me and I should start uploading some videos.  Or at the very least, filming stuff while I paint/work.

So this is all coming soon to a blog near you as I settle back in the more normal schedule of life.

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