Hobby Fundamentals: Assembly

Learning the basics of model assembly is a step every miniature painter goes through.  So learn to do it right with our E-Book!

Because sooner or later, model assembly becomes a mandatory step of the hobby.

It’s usually at the beginning, but it can be a scary process for the inexperienced.  But it does not have to be.  All you really need are the essentials.

Which is where our dollar e-book Hobby Fundamentals: Assembly comes into play.

Here’s a brief look at the introduction:

I got my first model kit ever as a Christmas gift when I was around 8. It was a 1/35 scale jeep like the one my grandpa use to drive. The look of sadness, deception and fear on my face as I opened the box only to find that I had to build every little tiny parts of the truck before painting it is something my folks talked about every christmas since then.

But do not fear, as unlike 8 years old me, you now have a guide on what do do before ruining a perfectly good 1/35 jeep – or whatever other model you have.

Maybe you’re new to the whole model building scene. Maybe you’ve been doing it for some time, but you’re unhappy about the results you’re getting, or maybe, you’re always looking to learn and discover new techniques. Whatever your situation and skill level, you will find everything you need to know to take your models from the box and have them ready for painting.


All the tools covered in the book you can find in our Hobby Essentials section.

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