Hobby of the Week: Krios Battle Tank

With a laser that big, you know the techpriest that designed this was overcompensating for something.

Kicking off a new posting schedule for Wednesdays, now dubbed Hobby of the Week – until I find a clickbaitier tittle.  It might be WIPs, it might be blurbs and previews of something to come in blogs, books or videos, or as is the case today, a completed project!
Let’s not kid ourselves, this blog is mostly about completing what we start, so there’s gonna be plenty of those.
This week, the Krios Battle Tank, painted for the NOVA OPEN CHARITY FOUNDATION.  I joined the NOCF 3 years ago, and I truly enjoy doing it.  It’s not everyday you get the chance to do some good with the hobby, so I jump at most of these occasions.

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