Hobby Reflections and Tabletop Resolutions

‘Tis the season for hobby reflection and tabletop resolutions.  It’s much like drinking less and going to the gym every day, but much more fun because it involves Warhammer!

I’m much more interested in upcoming things than on reflecting on the past.  So let’s get this out of the way, with some sort of top 3 hobby highlights of 2019.


Painting Stream – HOLY CRAP, that is awesome.  The response from you guys has been insane, and I enjoyed myself much more than I thought I would.

Tournaments – After taking a long break from tournaments, 2019 marked my return to playing at tournaments, and bringing home more memories, stories, and trophies.  I missed it a lot.

Painting Models – With tournaments, painting models was another thing I had put on pause before 2019.  This might come as a shock to you, but this year’s made me realize I really like painting models.  I painted a lot for myself, I painted even more as commissions, and I can’t see this slowing down.

Here is my insta-sizzle ready montage of awesome 2019 things.  MONTAGE!


Now for the fun part, what’s in store for 2020.

1- Twitch.  Unless you’re brand new here (in which case, OH HAI! ), you know that the streams will move on to Twitch.  I will have an update on this in the next few days, but I got some cool stuff planned for the Twitch, and can’t wait to see where 2020 brings us.

2- Quebec Tournaments.  We will be hosting 8 RTT style events, 4 for 40K and 4 for AOS, as well as one larger 2- day event with both systems, which will be in October.  The first event will be in February, a 40K ITC event.  Again, more details will follow for these events ( namely, the guy in charge of the venue is off for the holidays, so I have to wait. )

3- Army of the Month.  My grand plan of painting an army per month last year fell short at 7.  But I will try again this year, as I already have 2 full armies lined up and waiting for paint, as well as a lot of started projects.

4- World Domination.  This might be more in the 2021 timeline, I’m not quite set on the specifics…

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