3 Hobby Setup Myths That are False

Building a hobby setup can seem like a daunting task for all the wrong reasons.  Do you believe some of these common misconceptions?

As covered in the introduction part of this series, having a proper hobby setup is important.  What makes it proper however, is not always crystal clear.  It is much simpler than it’s made out to be.

Hobby Setup Myths

Let’s break down some of the more popular (and usually dead wrong) myths.Let’s get these out of the way first.  Those are popular thoughts I’ve seen and heard more than once, which also happen to be dead wrong.

#1 – It costs too much

This is what’s stopping most people from considering a proper hobby setup. It’s mainly due to the widespread other myths about what you really need.

We’ve already built a hobby setup for 0 dollars.  It doesn’t get cheaper than this!

Much like building an entire army, the cost of building a large hobby setup is best spread overtime.  Start small, upgrade as you need.

You upgrade your setup as you go rather than purchasing a million things at once.  This also stops you from buying things that you won’t ever use after.

#2 – You need a whole room dedicated to the hobby

This goes along with:  “I don’t have enough space” and the dreaded “Once I have a room, then I’ll build one” Oh the humanity!

Much like the budget, there are options a plenty if you don’t have a whole room to dedicate to the hobby.  A full desk is more than enough, and just part of a desk that you can set up quickly is perfect.

In fact, having too large of a room is often detrimental to productivity.  I’ve found that all of my compact hobby setup were much easier to work out of than when I used my full living room as a studio for a few months.

A decent sized hoppy setup should have two things:

Everything you need at hand.  Everything you don’t need stored away.

#3 – I need everything to be perfect

This is the best one.  It’s the most common one too.

I love it mostly because people love to brag about their perfect setup.  I’ve seen folks post 3-4 time that they cleaned their hobby room without once seeing them finish a single model.

The “cleaning first” phenomenon is everywhere in life, it’s one of the biggest procrastinating technique used by our brain to trick us.

I need to study, but first I should fold all that laundry.  Folded laundry has no impact on your ability to study, much like having all your paints lined up and stored in fancy little holders has no impact on your ability to clean up mold lines from those 20 orks.

Yes, cleaning up is somewhat important.  But you can make it easy on yourself and simplify what cleaning up requires.

You will have much more pride and results posting pictures of finished models than pictures of your hobby setup.  Guaranteed.

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