How to Paint 40K Minotaur Space Marines

One of the few loyalist chapters in bold metallic colors, and some of the best characters, here’s how to paint 40K Minotaur Space Marines!

Just as mysterious as the chapter’s origin in 40K Minotaur’s paint scheme can be quite tricky, because the armor is depicted as either bronze, brass, or gold.

How to Paint 40K Minotaur Space Marines

While it is debatable, most of the schemes use a very light shade of bronze than borders more on yellow than orange.  As such, this is what we are aiming for in this tutorial, while providing options on how to tweak it to your own preference.


We start with a base coat of Balthazar Gold on the armor.  Balthazar gold is the perfect base here, because it is very close to bronze, as it is much more orange than yellow.

The other key color, this one for the highlight, is Runelord Brass, because it is a happy medium between all the classic Minotaur colors, and with the proper shade we can turn it into more gold or more bronze.

Next is the wash and where you can bend this scheme to your liking.

For a more colorful and bronze look, shade with Reikland Flesh.  This is what we dod on our model.

For a lighter and brass look, shade with seraphim sepia

For a more classic and neutral look, shade with Agrax Earthshade.

Shoulder Plates

If you are going with a darker shade of armor, you should opt for a darker red in the details.  Our marine is very bright, and the red has been painted accordingly.

Our red is simply Mephiston Red, highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet.  We used Agrax Earthshdae to tone it down a little bit, and bring definition to the panel lines of the armor.

We also painted the forearms with this.  Again, this is another case of some have them, some don’t, so do what you like best.  In all honesty, it makes very little difference to the over all look with or without.


Most details like the gun casing and the pouches were painted black.  We used Dark Reaper for the highlights, and Nuln Oil for the shading.

If you like bold highlights, you can skip the shade. alternatively, if you go too heavy with the Dark Reaper, you can be quite generous with the Nuln Oil to bring it all back to black.


As with most bright miniatures, a dark and muted base works best.  The one we used is a classic brown and rocky base, which you can check out here.

Grey or almost black would do the trick as well.

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