Let it snow, let it snow…

It’s cold as balls in Quebec City, Canada;  there are weather-based discounts on poutine; the case is strong against climate change deniers.  Meanwhile, I released a new dollar e-book on this very subject!  Snow, not poutine…

By now, you know the drill with Hellfire’s dollar e-books:  You get a sweet e-book filled with tips and techniques, I get a chunk of change for my trouble.  An it’s only a dollar, or even better, it’s free if you are on Kindle Unlimited.


Painting Snow Bases (Basic Bases Book 3)

From the product description on Amazon:

This book teaches how to paint one of the most iconic bases for miniature games: snow bases. They are a staple for miniatures and can be used in all universes and settings. Snow brings an eerie and deadly feel to your models. Think Game of Thrones for medieval-fantastic, WWII Battle of Bastogne for historic, or Hoth from Star Wars in a Sci-fi context and bow down to the realization that snow is always an awesome setup for combat.

The book covers the pros and cons of different materials, the theory and tips behind each technique, and features 4 step by step guides on making and painting different types of snow bases.

Painting Snow Bases (Basic Bases Book 3)

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