Miniature Painting Basics Volume 2

The second tome in the Miniature Painting Basics has just hit the shelves (virtual shelves…)

The Miniature Painting Basics series teaches simple techniques that every miniature painter should learn and how you can easily master them.
Every book includes the theory behind the technique, a list of do’s and don’ts, and examples of where and how to use each technique.Each book focus on a specific aspect of miniature painting that you should learn and master. You do not need to read them in order, although if you are just starting, it will make a lot more sense to do so.

MPB : Drybrush

The second book in the Miniature Painting Basics series, Drybrush teaches you one of the easiest and most efficient technique to use on your models.

Creating contrast is the bread and butter of every awesome miniature, and drybrush makes such a thing not only possible, but extremely easy. Find out about all the great uses of drybrush for your models, from beginner’s first steps to advanced techniques used on high quality miniatures.

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