Miracle on the 41st Millenium

It’s not a big secret, I love Christmas time.  More than any grown man should.  Twenty years of working in retail didn’t stop me from enjoying the sweet sound of Wham! nor Michael Bublé’s month to shine.  Naturally, I bring my yuletide spirit to the tabletop.

The Holiday 40K Mission Pack

The Holiday 40K Mission Pack contains, missions, relics, and warlord traits, all themed around Christmas.  They are best used in a casual setting.

*Please note that we are using little gift ornaments as objectives in every missions.

Scenario 1 – Jingle all the Way!

Deployment type: 3. Search & Destroy

Before choosing sides, place 6 numbered gifts on the Battlefield, alternating between players.  The player that placed the 1st gift choses his deployment side.  His opponent will setup his army and can choose to go first or second.

Once all both players are done setting up, each player rolls 4 dice, re-rolling duplicates.  These are the 4 gifts that you must control.

At the end of the game, you score 3 points for each objective you control.

Scenario 2 – Impish or Admirable

Deployment type: 1. Spearhead Assault

This is a modified version of The Relic mission, with the rule Naughty or Nice.

Naughty or Nice

A model with the Relic must roll a dice at the start of your turn.  On a roll of 3 or less, your model has been judged Naughty, and cannot move, except to charge and pile in.  On a 4 up, your model has been judged Nice, and cant shoot, or charge this turn.  A model cannot drop the relic, nor can he give it to a friend.

Starting from turn 2, you score one point if you control the Relic at the beginning of your turn.  At the end of the game, the player controlling the Relic scores 3 points.

Scenario 3 – Jelly of the Month Club

Deployment type: 5. Frontline Assault

Before choosing sides, place 5 gifts on the battlefield.  The player that did not place the last gift chooses his deployment side.  His opponent deploys his army and may select to go first or second.

« The gift that keeps on giving » – At the start of your turn, each objective is worth points equal to the number of game turns that you had its control.

Ex.  You control objective 1 at the start of your turn one, you score 0.  If you control objective 1 at the start of your 2nd turn, it’s worth 1 point.  If you still control it on turn 3, it’s worth 2 points, and so on, until your opponent starts doing something!

Festive Warlord Trait Table

You get a free Festive Warlord Trait for your warlord.  The Festive Warlord trait must be rolled.

  1. Charlie Brown – The morale of this story is that Christmas is not about gifts.  You get no Bonus, but a valuable life lesson.
  2. Scrooge – Your warlord gains the “Objective Secured” special rule, like troops in most Battle Forged armies.  Furthemore, when your warlord controls an objective by himself, it’s worth 1 additional point.
  3. Clark Griswold – The last true family man. At the start of the game, choose a unit.  That unit gains a +1 to hit in either the shooting phase or the assault phase.
  4. Kevin McAllister – You can re-roll the dice to determine who goes first and to Seize the Initiative.  You can use the Prepared Positions stratagem for free.
  5. The Grinch – Votre Warlord treats every objective like it’s a Relic.  It also ignores the “Naughty or Nice” rule.
  6. John McLane – Yes, it’s a Christmas movie.  Your Warlord has a 5+ Feel no Pain.  Once per game, it can “Yippee Ki Yee”, allowing him to reroll any saves, to hit and to wound rolls for a single phase.

The Yuletide Arsenal

You can roll on the Yuletide Arsenal for free, and give this shiny new wargear to any character.

  1. Red Rider BB Gun – Assault 3 – Range 24″ – S5 – AP2 – D2 – If you roll any 1s to hit, the bearer takes a single mortal wound.
  2. Mistletoe T.O.W Missile- One use only.  Heavy 1, Range Unlimited.  Instead of shooting other weapons, you can fire the Mistletoe T.O.W Missile at the closest target. On a hit, it deals D6 Mortal Wounds.
  3. The Polar Express – The bearer can Charge in the same turn it Fell Back.  When the wearer charges, roll 3D6 and keep only the 2 highest
  4. World’s Best Coffee Cup- One use only.  You can drink the World’s Best Coffee Cup at the start of your turn to regain D3 wounds.
  5. Dukesburry All-Star Patch- The bearer’s shooting weapons and Aura effects have extra 3″ range.  If the character is slain, give the patch to another character.
  6. The Symphony of Illumination- You can see the son’bitch from outerspace.  One use only.  As long as this character is alive, your entire army is immune to morale, and moral-based attacks, spells and effects.

*The first person to name all christmas references in this post wins a 20$ store voucher.  You each have 1 try.

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