ND Open Primer

It’s this time of the year again where I attend an event – first of 2015 – and attempt to elaborate some sort of plan of action.  Well here it is:

The ND Open 2015

6 games of 40k and an hardcore painting competition over the March 7th and 8th.  I couldn’t be more stoked.

Last year I managed to finish 4th in overall with a 4-2 record, 2nd in painting and somehow some sportsmanship points.  I probably can do better this year.

4-2 is a quite decent score considering my involvement in playing games, and I will be happy if I repeat this. 

I am playing the same army I will bring to Adepticon, so this is a good refresh, as those 6 games is probably more than I’ve played since coming back from Da Boyz in november.  This will be great practice.

My list is this one:

Great Unclean One, Exalted Reward, Level 3
13 Horrors
17 Horrors
Nurgle Prince, Wings and Armor, 2x Greater Reward, Level 3
Nurgle Prince, Wings and Armor, 2x Greater Reward, Level 3 
Nurgle Prince, Wings and Armor, 2x Greater Reward, Level 3

It’s pretty similar to what I’ve been playing all through 7th edition, switching from 3x 11 horrors to 13/17 and a level on the GUO. Few reasons for this change:  I really like the 17 strong horror unit, in many matchups 11 horrors was a little bit too little to withstand firepower and move up the board.  There’s also the 2nd scenario that is really hardcore on Kill points for choices you spam.  Not the case anymore.  Also, the GUO with 3x spells of Biomancy can really bring the hurt on Imperial Knights.  He’s also a pretty good summoner in games where you play more passive with his lots of wounds to miscast on.

Painting wise, I think the army score nicely, and I should have an evening or two to work on little details that have been bugging me for a while.

Also, yes, I do intend to win the title of PRINCESS MAKER, or upgrade said tittle to Back-to-Back-Princess-Maker.  Frank, who challenged me last year is not sure he can attend the event, so won’t challenge me ( and risk being called a cowards for not showing up ) so I took it upon myself to challenge his partner Remi, who sneaked best painted by 3 points from me last year, and happens to be Frank’s best gaming buddy.  Oh yes, princess’ crown to you all.

The painting contest!

Last year, the contest took a really big turn and great painters showed up, so I expect even more of them coming this year.  I find it really cool because Mathieu is working really hard on making the painting contest a big thing and I really like seeing the amazing models people bring, but it also mean that my chances of winning are quite low.

I don.t have much time for my own projects, and the few time I do have I usually spend on gaming pieces, so I can’t really bring a lot of models to the competition, nor spend the correct ammount of time ( which is a helluva lot ) on contest miniatures.  I will most definitly bring Capt Jack to the competition, as he’s one of my favorite piece, and another model ( posted earlier this month as my super secret project ) that I’ve been working on for quite a while and that I feel has decent chances of winning me some cool swag.

Also, there’s a fan favorite army and that’s my favorite prize to win, yes, more than the princess maker. so hopefully I take that one 🙂

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