Necron Tournament Army

Our new Necron army is ready to take the field at this year’s CanHammer Team Tournament!  Beware the Doom Trios!

The Canhammer Team Tournament is a big month.  Indeed the Necrons alone are not enough, we’ll need to provide another fully painted army!

Necron Doom Trios

But never fear, as this Necron scheme is very straightforward to do, and the army is not that large, model-count-wise.

It’s called the Doom Trios, because it’s practically three of every good unit.  And the two main ones have Doom in their name.

It’s not rocket science, it’s ancient Necron tech!

For Necron, this is what is currently the only playable list in the competitive scene.

Bear in mind, I have never played it, it was Franck’s army for CHTT.

When I talked to people about a Necron list, they were able to name the exact content of the list, so I’m assuming it’s the only way to play the robots until they get their Psychic Awakening buffpad treatment.

I just like how Necrons look and wanted to make a visually striking army that I could easily add models to.

The scheme itself is pretty basic, with a dark and weathered silver, contrasted by a bright green for everything that’s glowing.

Necrons sure love green glow-y things.  So do we, luckily!

Details in the army are kept to a minimum.  This is not only a timing thing, as the whole army, base and display board included took half a day to paint.  It’s also to maximize the visual impact of the bright green.

It works until you look at the models up close.  But as a whole, the effect rocks.

And nothing stops us from touching it up or adding details for the next tournament we want to roll with the Necron army.

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