News from the battlefront!

We are back from the land of the free; Da Boyz is over; a gazillion new projects are on the table for me.   Here’s what’s in the works this week:

Le internets:

Obvious Da Boyz battle reports and tournament recap, with 8 games of fun and drinks to tell you about.  These should be out tomorrow.  Also this week, a Tyranid showcase of our team army, and a Maulerfiend showcase from my single’s army that I  have yet to post.

I also enrolled into a Tale of Painters type of deal with my buddy Evan over at Facing the Grey Tide.  More on that later.

Le workbench:

David:  Too long has the King of undeath stayed unassembled in his box, so I’m planning on probably finishing Nagash, the vampire Lord and Neferata/other options in this kit.

Eric:  A new Pimp to add to his collection ( and my showcase ) of Primarchs, in the sexy form of Vulkan

Phil:  A Space Hulk boardgame, which is the 1st ever I’m gonna paint.

Alex:  A lot of bearded infantry to add to the force previously done ( That you can see here ! )

I also need to glue my daemons back together, as the box fell from the car at some point in the travel.  I did not muster the strength to open the box and see the damage, but by the sound of it, I’d say 7 infantry and 4 big guys.  Over/Under bets on the actual damage are going on as we speak.

Have a good week!

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